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Skybox was founded 25 years ago with a singular focus: Packaging When You Need It

We love boxes. We love making quality boxes. But we noticed something when we talked about making quality boxes at dinner parties and on elevators, people do not seem to care about boxes. 

That’s when we realized that most people, even the people who use boxes, don’t really care about the boxes. They care about their products and their customers. The only time they think about boxes is when they need to ship their products to their customers.  

This was the idea behind Skybox. Our customers need to ship products. We need to help them. This means less focus on the boxes and more focus on the mission: Packaging When You Need It, by getting our customer’s products to their customers safely and on-time. This takes more than boxes. This takes carton sealing, void fill, blocking and bracing, labeling, load containment, stretch film, shrink film, strapping, bags, mailers, product protection and in many cases automation equipment.

Skybox focuses on the complete shipping picture. Everything from how you pack your products to what happens to your packaging at the end of its life cycle.  We recognize that the most important thing we do is ensure that you have all the packaging materials you need to ship every day. That is why we are both a manufacturer of corrugated packaging and major distributor of packaging supplies. We do not sell janitorial supplies, safety equipment, fasteners, or cleaning products. We sell everything you need to ship. And we make sure you have it when you need it.  

This focus on the shipping mission allows us to build a deep understanding of the specific problems you face getting your products to customers. Our proprietary tools help us reduce the over-all cost of packaging by managing inventories using a detailed understanding of raw materials availability, production capacity, and logistical constraints to provide next day and even same day delivery of packaging when you need it.

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Our priority 1 production process means we can respond to emergencies in as little a single day from raw goods to your dock.

All of this is done working collaboratively with our customers to ensure their customer get what they want when they want it.

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