Who’s Managing Your Packaging and Why is it You?

September 29, 2022

Packaging is one of the least expensive items in the supply chain, yet it takes up a lot of the space. The average corrugated carton sells for less than $1. The average cost of storing packaging often outweighs its value. Certainly, the cost of handling it, counting it, and managing it, makes owning corrugated an expensive hobby.

Here’s the thing: The corrugated industry wants you to manage your packaging. Why? Because it is an inexpensive product that costs a lot to manage. They prefer to focus on setting up the machines and let them run, consuming tons of paper as they go. The last thing they want to do is incur the cost of warehousing, just-in-time manufacturing, or just-in-time logistics. They have convinced buyers all over the world to take on managing their own customer experience for a few percentage points off the cartons.

And the box costs $1.

So, the buyer saved a few cents and dumped the burden of managing the inventory on YOU, the operations team.

There is an alternative.

Skybox Packaging has decades of experience working with our customers to develop world-class on-time-in-full corrugated and packaging supply systems. Our proprietary process ensures that you have your packaging when you need it without storing it all over your facility. We have hundreds of clients that benefit from focusing on making the products their customers love, without the burden of developing an in-house packaging distribution company to ensure they have the packaging they need on-hand. 

Why don’t you let us do that? 

Learn more about how we can set you up with a system that assures that your packaging arrives WHEN and HOW you need it without the overhead of storing and managing it in-house. No more, no less.  

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