Top Challenges Procurement Managers Face

July 7, 2022
Both supply chain disruptions and inflation are making a big impact on the day-to-day operations of procurement managers. Here’s how Skybox can help.

It’s a challenging time to be in procurement right now. Every area of the supply chain seems under a different kind of strain. It’s procurement’s responsibility to order the necessary parts and supplies from companies all over the world in order to complete the manufacturing process and have the proper supplies on hand to get orders shipped.

The two major factors that are keeping you up at night if you’re in procurement (really, any area of business) are supply chain disruptions and inflation. Obviously, it takes more than just one business’s input to get the ball rolling again, but understanding these issues and how each of us affects the other can make a big difference when the world keeps screeching to a halt.

Supply Chain Disruptions

In order for your plant to maintain smooth operations, you have to be able to access the parts you need to build your product. The Covid pandemic set into motion what is now years of supply chain delays and disruptions around the globe as various companies lock down to prevent the spread of disease. Ongoing disruptions continue with new Covid outbreaks globally that impact specific organizations and countries, slowing part production, shipping, and delivery. And now, to top it all off, the war between Russia and Ukraine has made gas prices skyrocket, slowing down transportation so that even if the parts are made, they can’t be moved, at least not as efficiently as before.

Once your parts finally arrive, unexpectedly, it’s go time. Production has to swing into full gear, and orders need to be fulfilled ASAP. The last thing you want is for your outgoing products to be delayed due to warehousing, fulfillment, or delivery, but supply chain delays can cause even more issues on this end as well, waiting for someone else to take care of your product packaging and get it out the door.


Just when the supply chain seemed like it was starting to sort itself out, gas prices started soaring, affecting the cost of every single product and process under the sun. In order to combat transportation costs, everyone is working hard to consolidate shipments to make the most of every truck on the road. When it’s time to ship, you need a packaging and fulfillment partner that is ready to hit the ground running with fast and flexible services to keep your products moving.


Now is the time to choose a packaging company that can meet your needs with efficiency and agility. Skybox Packaging has the flexibility and experience to work with you through these unpredictable times so that your business isn’t held up by packaging problems but can continue on its way as soon as you’re ready to roll.

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