How Sustainable is Your Packaging?

August 30, 2022
It’s no secret that single-use packaging is wasteful. In fact, consumers and regulatory agencies alike are concerned and calling for change.

If your company is embracing sustainability to meet consumer demand and to be more environmentally friendly, it’s time to ask the question: How sustainable is your packaging?

What is sustainable packaging?

Simply speaking, sustainable packaging is: 

  • The use of any kind of material that is good for the environment. 
  • Or simply using less packaging materials.

It’s an approach that reduces your company’s footprint on the environment. 

The types of sustainable materials can run the gamut from recycled cardboard to recyclable mailers.

While it’s ideal to look at your entire lifecycle of your product’s impact on the environment, your company can get some quick wins by looking at the packaging for your products.

Choosing better packaging

When you’re considering making the switch to more sustainable packaging, consider these factors:

  • Test the packaging to minimize product damage. If product damage increases and you have to replace more product, you won’t be making any sustainability gains.
  • Think outside of the box. Work with a sustainable packaging provider who can give you options, for example a beverage carrier that employs a plastic alternative and uses less material, while still showcasing your branding.
  • Evaluate recyclable alternatives. If your company ships products, consider curbside recyclable mailers.
  • Work with an expert. Before you change your processes or packaging, work with a packaging expert who can help you consider the alternatives and help your organization achieve sustainability.

Join the thousands of companies making a commitment to reducing energy and water usage and cutting greenhouse gas and air pollutants.

As a partner in the Atlantic network Skybox utilizes old corrugated containers (OCC), and the Atlantic paper mills produce 100% recycled material for use in our packaging solutions. We can help you find sustainable packaging solutions so your company can make its desire to be sustainable a reality.

Skybox Packaging is not only dedicated to getting you the best displays, product packaging, and shipping materials, we also want to help you make a positive impact through your sustainability efforts. Learn more about how we can help you reach your sustainability goals.


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