Everything In and Around the Box

November 18, 2022
There’s more that goes into packaging than what you put in the box. Here are three products Skybox feels are critical to improving your customer’s experience with your product.


Getting your product to your customer takes more than a box. Packaging supplies ensure your product arrives safely and elegantly to your customer exactly how it left your shop. At Skybox we make great boxes, but we are more than that. We specialize in everything in and around your box. That way you always have the packaging you need when you need it.

Stretch Film

Stretch film protects your unitized product during transit. This highly functional tool reduces product loss, prevents worker injuries, and discourages load tampering. Cost-efficient product protection relies on specific properties such as break strength, cling, clarity, tear resistance, and static discharge. A Skybox expert will help you find the lowest cost yet most effective film for your needs.

Carton Sealing tape

Safely securing your product in the box is a critical step in getting it to your customer. Carton sealing solutions (TAPE) is an important way to keep your packages safe and secure in transit.  A good carton sealing solution delivers a high quality packaging experience to your customer,  giving them a properly sealed package that is still easy to open, visually appealing, and not damaged when it arrives. Choosing the right sealing methods saves you money and time, improves productivity, and makes sure your customers get what they ordered.


Imagine– the box safely arrives to your customer, but your product is in pieces. Specific products may require additional protection inside the box with cushioning or void fill. Additional forms of protection are used to secure your product and prevent movement by locking it in place. Cushioning and void fill secure and shield your product from vibration, impact, or shock during transit. Using the right method of protection ensures your product always arrives at its destination safely in one piece.

Poly bags

Poly bags are highly customizable protection against weather, tampering, and dirt. These highly functional, durable, and cost-effective workhorses are a great option for what you need to ship. Skybox can customize bags to meet any need, and we stock a wide variety of poly bags in many different shapes, sizes, and thickness to accommodate your product packaging.

Find what you need with skybox

Skybox Packaging is more than a box manufacturer. We sell the top trusted packaging supply brands, making sure you have everything in and around the box to get your product to your customer. 

We have decades of expertise getting products to customers, safely, elegantly and at the right cost. Let us create a complete packaging solution for your team.


Learn more about how Skybox can partner with you to design and execute a better packaging system for your products so you can get back to making and shipping the products your customers love.

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