Corrugated + Packaging Solutions: The Skybox Way

June 7, 2022
There’s a better way to handle your custom corrugated packaging needs than the multiple vendors you’re working with right now. It’s the Skybox Way.

If you’re like most purchasing agents, product managers, and brand handlers, your product comes first, and rightly so, but that means that packaging is often an afterthought. What will it ship in? How will it look to the consumer? And how many different suppliers are required to pull it all together?

Countless. From design to creation, prototyping to printing, packaging to shipping, and warehousing to fulfillment, there’s a lot that goes into getting your product from your manufacturing floor to the consumer. 

If you’re spending all your time and energy connecting with a different supplier for every single step of your packaging and fulfillment process, let us be the first to tell you that there are other ways to manage the packaging part of your production process.

The Skybox Way

Skybox Packaging is more than just a corrugated manufacturer and packaging supplier. With decades of experience fine-tuning a system for full-service, custom corrugated packaging solutions, we are a key partner who want to simplify this part of the process without sacrificing quality design and creative input.


You might not even realize just how much stress this part of your business is causing, so imagine for a moment an initial meeting with your supplier to showcase your product. You’re gathered together with our team of designers to dream up the best possible solution for your product’s packaging with the team of people who are going to make it happen.


After that meeting, you can go back to your office and breathe while we begin designing potential packaging solutions, from product packaging to partitions, displays, and build ups. Our team will put together a prototype for your review, and once we’re all happy with the results, it’s off to printing.


But we don’t stop there. We’ll make recommendations for your product protection, both inside and outside the box, during shipment—which we can supply— and the automation to save you time and labor.


We’re excited to provide excellent service, quality packaging, and creative design solutions for custom corrugated packaging, as well as a full line of product protection, both inside and outside the box. These things can be far more than commodities—they can make or break your bottom line.

We love to enter into a collaborative partnership with businesses to simplify your life and give you space to do what you do best. It’s the Skybox Way.

If you’re working with other vendors for your corrugated packaging and product protection, give us a test run as your potential partner. We’d be happy to help you out. Learn more about Skybox’s Packaging Solutions or give us a call today.

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